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Great Success of 2016 Spring Silicon Valley Mayors’ China Trip, co-organized with Plug & Play 05/21/2016-05/31/2016

The 4th Silicon Valley Mayors’ China Trip is another success, which was held by China Silicon Valley, co-organized with Plug & Play, with the support of U.S. Embassy and Chinese government. Along with 8 Silicon Valley mayors, there were entrepreneurs who represent high-tech and innovation in the fields of Virtual Realty and investment, etc. The delegation visited major innovation and science centers of Shanghai, Chongqing, Zhengzhou and Beijing. In-depth conversations were held and connections were built for further economic cooperation and development between China cities and Silicon Valley cities. Projects were promoted among investors. Future exchange are inspired and planed. In addition, friendship cities were formed between Silicon Valley cities and China cities. The whole trip is FPPC compliant.

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