Victor Wang

Founder & Chairman of China Silicon Valley

王旸 (Victor Wang)

美中硅谷协会会长,SinoSV LLC总裁。曾任中关村瀚海硅谷科技园总裁,和中关村硅谷创投创始合伙人。之前曾在 美国硅谷创办高科技医疗软件公司, 在上市公司和世界500强企业担任高管。拥有斯坦福大学商学院管理硕士学位, 20多年的国际和国内企业管理、创业与投资经验,在中国、日本和美国生活和工作的经历。精通中英日语。

Mr. Wang is the CEO at SinoSV LLC. His professional experience includes President at Hanhai Investment, Founding Partner at zPark Venture, Founder and CEO at a Silicon Valley High-tech Healthcare software Company, and Executive at a Global IPO Company and a Fortune 500 Company .

Mr. Wang holds a Masters in Management degree from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BSEE in China, he has over 20 years experience in global business management, entrepreneur and investment in China, Japan and US. He is fluent in Chinese, English and Japanese.

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