China Silicon Valley–Bridging China and Silicon Valley

  • Mission: China Silicon Valley is a non-profit corporation committed to promoting investment and business communication and cooperation between China and Silicon Valley.
  • Headquarters: San Jose, capital of Silicon Valley
  • China Offices: Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou


China Silicon Valley Advantages:

  • Government advisors and contacts including city mayors and city council members in Silicon Valley
  • Business partners including banks, law, tax, real estate, investment, universities, entrepreneurs trade associations and others
  • Strong support and extensive contacts with the Chinese government and business enterprises
  • Effective management team with government and substantial business experience in China and the U.S.


Major Activities:

China Silicon Valley is working with Silicon Valley city governments to drive increased investment and job growth by facilitating talent, technology and business exchange and investment between cities and businesses in China and their Silicon Valley counterparts. The intent is to help provide a one-stop service for government relations, legal, tax, consulting, networking and talent acquisition to facilitate Chinese government, businesses and individuals to invest, establish a factory, R&D center or other business activities in the Silicon Valley. China Silicon Valley has an extensive network of business partners from diversified industries in the Silicon Valley to carry out these activities.