Marilyn with Mayor Tang

Chengdu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Trade Fair

China Silicon Valley Board member Marilyn Librers traveled with volunteer Damon Leung to Chengdu, China to participate at the Chengdu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Trade Fair On November 9th and 10th, 2015. Ms. Librers presented a 10 minute speech to an audience of 1000 attendees from around the globe. She also participated in a formal round table event of sharing ideas on innovation and collaboration. While in Chengdu they were greeted by members of the China Silicon Valley Chengdu overseas office. Making new friends and renewing the friendship from the recent September trip was a big success. China Silicon Valley Organization’s mission  is to promote business relationship between to the two nations.

Marilyn at the speech Marilyn with Mayor Tang Round table conference Marilyn at Round table conference.


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