China Silicon Valley, a California nonprofit organization, was founded in 2012 with robust support from the City of San Jose and other cities in Silicon Valley. It aims to improve business cooperation, help create jobs and increase economic activity, facilitate investment and international trade, and promote communications between China and the Silicon Valley region. Its mission is to foster investment, business, and tourism exchanges between China and Silicon Valley.

The organization will collaborate with Silicon Valley city governments to drive increased investment and job growth by facilitating exchanges in investment, business, and tourism between cities and businesses in China and their Silicon Valley counterparts. The goal is to establish a comprehensive network of service providers for government relations, legal matters, taxation, consulting, networking, tourism promotion, cultural exchange, real estate, and more, to assist Chinese government entities, businesses, and individuals in investing and establishing factories, business centers, or other business activities in Silicon Valley. China Silicon Valley is developing an extensive network of business partners from diverse industries in Silicon Valley to execute these activities.


Silicon Valley — Technology Innovation Center of the World

  • Headquarters of Apple, Google, Facebook, HP, Intel, CISCO, eBay and other famous technology brands
  • Stanford University, UC Berkeley and Santa Clara University


Silicon Valley — Ideal Destination for Chinese Investment

  • California state government and city councils in Silicon Valley welcome Chinese investments
  • Enterprises in Silicon Valley ready to cooperate with Chinese enterprises
  • Cutting-edge technology, skilled engineers, creative entrepreneurs
  • Land available for development
  • Spring-like climate all year round


China — Fast Growing Overseas Investment

  • World’s second largest economy
  • World’s fastest economic growth
  • One of world’s largest sources of foreign direct investment and trade
  • Chinese enterprises are looking for investments in the Silicon Valley and other business cooperation


China Silicon Valley — Bridging China and Silicon Valley

  • Mission: China Silicon Valley is a non-profit corporation committed to promoting investment, business, and tourism collaboration opportunities between China and Silicon Valley
  • Headquarters: San Jose, capital of Silicon Valley
  • China Offices: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and more.