California Development Regional Center

The California Development Regional Center (CalDevRC) is focused on Silicon Valley projects. The area of concentration is in Commercial, Hospitality, Industrial and Technological development. Silicon Valley is the heart of innovation and technological advancement for the world. The recovery from the past decade of economic hardships will happen with the investment in the burgeoning development of new technologies.  The Prinicipals of CalDevRC are Doug Feece and Bob Staedler.

Doug began his real estate career in 1992 and worked his way from the ground up to President of Sierra Management in 2002. His expertise lies in portfolio management, streamlining operations resources and delivering high rates of return. In October 2004, he formed Feece Real Estate Group as a brokerage and value-added investment company.

Bob began his development career working as an Owner’s Representative at Stanford University in 1996. He worked on Stanford’s ambitious SEQ Phase I project mostly funded by the estates of Hewlett & Packard. He moved on to the San Jose Redevelopment Agency where he started as a Project Manager and rose to the position of Real Estate/Portfolio Manager. Over the last fiver years, Bob oversaw property worth $225M and transacted over $450M in real estate. His knowledge of the development world and the ability to streamline the government process makes this partnership poised to leverage the EB-5 investment conduit.

Our office is located in downtown San Jose, please call us at 408-280-1038 for more information.

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