Sean Wright

Mayor of City of Antioch

Sean Wright was elected as the Mayor of City of Antioch in 2016, Dr. Sean Wright served as the CEO of the Antioch Chamber of for City of Antioch six years before he was elected as the Mayor. He is a champion for business, education, the City of Antioch and the East Contra Costa region.

Programs that Sean has successfully helped initiate include Regional economic development collaboration in the creation of EC2: The Collaborative in partnership with the County’s Northern Waterfront Initiative and Agricultural Growth Initiative which will help to create the needed local jobs to allow more of our residents to live, work and play in our community.

Suburban Poverty Task Force bringing the City, County, Police, Code Enforcement, churches, and non-profit organizations together to educate, collaborate and initiate positive campaigns to help those in need and clean up the city.
Education reformation at the high school level, helping business leaders and academics work together resulting in programs that are copied state-wide for their success, better preparing our Antioch students for the workforce.
Police support and public safety through the Business Neighborhood Watch program which brings businesses together, helping to police their own areas and supporting our officers.

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